There is a science behind Search Engine Optimisation but you don’t have to worry about it, 2Dog Marketing can adapt to your business goals by building an SEO strategy focussing on your key business objectives.

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Not sure why your website isn’t performing in a Google search? 2DOG Marketing can use a number of tools to analyse why your site might not be hitting the heady heights of the first page. Once analysed 2DOG Marketing can work with you to create a Search Engine Marketing strategy with the aim to improve your search performance based on your business objectives.

  • Flexible packages to suit your budget
  • Focus on lead generation through growing web traffic
  • Packages can contain On-Page (your controllable content) or Off-Page content (earning links from 3rd party sites into your website)

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Google is clever – it wants to keep users in their own Google world. One thing you’ll notice on a SERP (or search engine results page) is an initial listing of business with a location map. More and more users are interacting with these call to actions vs. a business webpage. This info comes from Google My Business. If you’re not set up on here, you need be and we can help.

  • Set-up & management of Google My Business account
  • Keyword research for product & service descriptions.
  • Content generation for product image listings

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Nothing unfortunately comes for free BUT if it generates sales then go forth and prosper! 2DOG Marketing can work with your sales goals to create a series of advertising campaigns utilising Google Adwords to create effective display advertisements, remarketing advertisements and video ads. Each ad can target a specific customer demographic, in a specific area, at a specific time.

  • Flexible packages to suit your budget
  • Design, execution and reporting
  • Search network, display network, video formats available

2 ways Search Engine Optimisation can help your business?


Be Strategic, Increase Leads

A clear SEO strategy defines the area of your business where you want to drive your customers. A well-executed strategy ensures you drive more customers to the most relevant part of your website based on your customers’ search.

Relevancy to the customer is key if a customer is searching for your product or service, getting them to the right page on your website benefits both you and your customer. Providing your site is effective, as a result, the more search-related web traffic, the more leads you’ll receive.


Pay a little extra

A page in Google’s number 1 spot is 10 times MORE likely to receive a click versus a page in the number 10 position and only 0.78% of Google users click something on the second page.

A strategic Pay Per Click campaign can complement your sales campaign by driving customers directly to the relevant page. And because an Adwords campaign is so measurable you’re able to tweak the campaign at any point. As a result of this, you can ensure each ad is providing the most effective results.