Never has there been so many ways in which you can reach a customer. 2DOG Marketing can work across your digital and non-digital marketing channels to create a marketing strategy to ensure you’re promoting the best message on the right channels to support your business objective.

Marketing Strategy


It’s counter-productive to have your marketing channels working towards different objectives. As a result, you’ll waste time and money sending mixed messages to your customers. 2DOG Marketing can review your current marketing activity and develop a marketing strategy to ensure you’re using the right channels, with the right message with the aim to best acheive your business objectives.

  • Flexible packages to suit your budget
  • Full competitor and industry review included
  • Marketing Strategy to reflect your business objectives

2 ways strong Marketing Strategy can help your business?


Set clear objectives

You can’t get somewhere if you don’t know where you’re going. Your marketing strategy should be aligned with your business goals – do you want to increase your sales, build awareness or retain customers?

Once you’ve set your objectives, it’s important to align the right marketing channels to the right goal and define what a “win” is for each channel. The infamous marketing funnel can help with this, but you may want to drop me an email for this one.


Don’t Forget Traditional

It’s very easy to lean towards digital channels to promote a product but never rule out traditional means of marketing. An eye-catching advertisement in a trade journal can still capture the imagination of your customer (and can leverage you a PR opportunity).

There has been a huge drop off of direct mail volume with many businesses focussing on emails rather than printed mail, so whilst your competitor’s email finds its way into a spam folder your innovative piece of printed direct mail could be the piece of mail that stands out from the crowd.