We get little time in our schedules to look at the bigger digital landscape. 2DOG Marketing can work with your business objectives to create a digital strategy to cost-effectively generate you new sales leads.

It’s counter-productive to have your digital channels working towards different objectives. As a result, you’ll waste time and money sending mixed messages to your customers. 2DOG Marketing can review your digital strategy and develop a plan to ensure your channels are working towards the same goal. Not sure where to begin? Well it all starts with a simple enquiry and we’ll get back to you in 2 wags of a dog’s tail.

Free Consultation

2DOG Marketing is always on hand for a no-obligation chat. If it’s a little advice you need, just give me a call and I’d be happy to talk through your questions with you.

2 ways in which a good digital strategy can help your business?


Set Clear Goals

You can’t get somewhere if you don’t know where you’re going. Your digital strategy should be aligned with your business goals – do you want to increase your sales, build awareness or retain customers?

Once you’ve set your objectives, it’s important to align the right digital channels to the right goal and define what a “win” is for each channel. As a result, you can identify how much you want to invest at each stage of the customer engagement.


Use Tools Available

You’re likely armed with more digital weapons than you realise. Getting the basics correct is the first and best step to an aligned digital strategy. Start with your website, is it SEO optimised, is it up to date and relevant, easy to use, do you have a clear call to actions across your pages?

And Social – are your social media channels aligned to your strategy? How well do you use them to promote your products and service? Have you set goals for this activity? As a result of getting the basics right, you’ll form a foundation to explore further, more complex digital opportunities.