With so much content being created for digital channels, it’s imperative that your copy is optimised for the right channel. 2DOG Marketing will create copy to suit your tone and, if digital related, carries the correct search keywords to help customers find you.

Whether it’s digital copy or traditional copy, 2 DOG Marketing can match the tone of your brand to create copy suited to multiple audience across multiple channels.

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Copywriting Services

Content Marketing Services

Digital Copy

Your logo should be a constant across all of your marketing materials, therefore you need a logo that ‘pops’ on every marketing channel. 2DOG Marketing can design a logo that represents the best of your brand.

Content Generation

Social Media is a hungry beast but it doesn’t have to be your job to feed it. 2DOG Marketing can work with your existing imagery and video, along with creating original designed content to keep your channels active and your audience engaged.

Visual Identity

Tired of employees and suppliers using the wrong logo, font or colour scheme? 2DOG Marketing will create a visual identity document to ensure your brand is consistent on whatever platform it’s displayed.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is a sad but widely understood term for anything non-digital. There is still a place for direct mail, advertisements, magazines and 2DOG Marketing can help.

Free Consultation

2DOG Marketing is always on hand for a no-obligation chat. If it’s a little advice you need, just give me a call and I’d be happy to talk through your questions with you.

2 ways Graphic Design can help your business?


Set Clear Objectives

Graphic design is not just about creating something that looks pretty on screen or eye-catching on paper. A well designed social post or advert needs to tell the user what to do. There needs to be a clear call-to-action for the user so they know how to engage with the content.

By setting objectives for your content, the designer can design a piece so visually tells a story and draws the eye of your customers to where you want them to look.


Be consistent

With your customer now exposed to your brand through so many marketing channels, it’s vitally important that every piece of content is designed with a consistent look. This allows the customer to relate it instantly back to your brand.

By creating a visual identity document you can ensure that all of your digital and traditional marketing carries a consistent company image across all of the content your customer is engaging with.