Creating content is a time-consuming exercise so you would be forgiven for not keeping it regularly refreshed. 2DOG Marketing can create, optimise and manage SHAREABLE content specific to the channel for where it’s destined.

content marketing creation


Struggling for new blog ideas or wondering what the next social post will be. 2DOG Marketing will work with you to create content specific to the channel it’s intended for. Whether it’s a social post, web copy or blog post, the content will be optimised to drive traffic to your desired location.

  • Flexible packages to suit your budget
  • Copy will be SEO optimised for best reach potential
  • Full industry and competitor audit will be completed to reflect desired tone

website content management


Struggling to keep up to date with your web updates or have you lost the skills to update your website. As a Sitecore certified Marketer and Technology specialist, as well as proficient in a number of other content management systems, 2DOG Marketing can restructure, amend or create new content to ensure your website is SEO optimised.

  • Flexible packages to suit your budget
  • Sitecore certified, WIX, WordPress, Umbraco proficient
  • Original content creation packages available

video content creation


Video content can be the most effective form of engaging with your customers. 2DOG Marketing can choose from a vast network of videographers suited to your requirement. To make the pennies go further, shoot once and we can edit the films for a number of platforms for greater use of your video content.

  • Flexible packages to suit your budget
  • Storyboard, shoot and edit an option
  • Make your video go further, 1-shoot for multiple edits (web, social, email)

image content creation


With so much content in the digital domain, images are now used to sell products more so than words. A professional photoshoot can make your products stand out from your competitors. 2DOG Marketing can pick from a vast network of photographers suited to your requirement and shoot the perfect image to make your products ping!

  • Flexible packages to suit your end requirement and budget
  • Image retouching available
  • Image resizing for social

2 ways Content Marketing can help your business?


Create Shareable Content

It’s counter-productive to create content for the sake of creating content. Whatever content you create it’s important to optimise it for the desired platform. By targeting the right demographic on the right platform with engaging content makes that content more shareable. As a result, more potential customers are exposed to your content.

My message would be – Be Strategic. Target specific customer types with specific content regarding an area of your business that you particularly want to focus on.


Build Relationships

Make sure your web content is relevant! And when I say relevant I mean relevant to the customer who’s searching for it. Your web pages need to be discoverable and the best way to do this is to ensure your website content is relevant to your customer’s terminology. As a result, you’ll get more traffic to your website.

Use your content outside of your own website, such as your social media channels, to drive links back to your website. As a result, your relevancy on Google will increase and drive more people to your site.