Social Media is now a leading method of generating digital sales leads for your business – 2Dog Marketing offers a number of Social Media Marketing services to turn your content into leads.

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We’ve all been there, save the social media updates until there’s a little more time in the day… week… month. From content generation to targeted posting, to finding the right hashtag, 2DOG Marketing can create, post and manage some or all of your social media marketing.

  • Flexible packages to suit your posting schedule
  • Focus on lead generation through growing audience and engagement
  • Social Media content calendar creation
  • Social Media content planning
  • Insight evaluation and monthly reporting

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Social Media is a hungry beast but it doesn’t have to be your job to feed it. 2DOG Marketing can work with your existing imagery and video, along with creating original social media content, to keep your social channels active and your audience engaged.

  • Flexible packages to suit your posting requirement
  • On-site photography and video social media content
  • Social media post copy with relevant account, hashtag and location tagging

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Nothing, unfortunately, comes for free BUT if it generates sales then go forth and prosper! 2DOG Marketing can work with your sales goals and create a social media advertising plan to ensure your posts or ads reach a more targeted audience, increasing your prospect of generating more leads.

  • Flexible packages to suit your advertising budget
  • Design, execution and reporting
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn packages available

2 ways Social Media Marketing can help your business?


Be Strategic, Increase Leads

Put bluntly, social media can generate sales leads, it’s no longer about increasing ‘likes’ on Facebook or followers on Twitter. Social Media gives you the ability to put your product or service in front of MILLIONS of people. As a result generating more leads for your business.

My message would be – be strategic. Use your social channels to promote a specific area of your business targeting the right people, on the right channels, with the right content – and make sure there’s a call to action!


Build Relationships

Social media gives you the ability to create millions of relationships. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram all have mechanisms to help form relationships with your customers. Messaging, ‘likes’, ‘follows’, shares are all ways in which customers engage with your brand. As a result, you can control that by the type of content you choose to share with them.

Listen to your customers, not just reading comments or messages but identify which posts your customers are engaging with the most. Change your content to meet the desires of your customers.