An extension to your marketing department, 2DOG Marketing provides a personal and professional, objective-led freelance marketing service. A cost-effective alternative to a marketing agency.

Meet the 2DOG Marketing Team

Principally, 2DOG Marketing is me, a marketing professional of 15 years plus within the business-to-business environment.

But in reality, 2DOG Marketing is more than me, it’s also the vast network of graphic designers, digital specialists, photographers, videographers, copywriters I’ve had the pleasure to work with along the way. All of which can offer their individual expertise to whatever challenge you throw at us.

Personally, I have over 5 years of international and over 10 years of domestic marketing experience working for one of Britains most iconic brand. I am now an independent freelance marketeer providing small and medium-sized businesses with the marketing opportunities that they may not have otherwise have access to. Put bluntly, I offer marketing expertise at a fraction of the cost of a marketing agency.

What can 2DOG Marketing offer you?

Either as a marketing consultant, on retainer or one-off projects, I offer a quality, personal and professional service to all clients. I want to deliver the best service for you, I will not be shy to draft in support from my vast network of marketing professionals guaranteeing your the best skillset for job.

I look forward to working with you.


16 years working for the iconic British brand, JCB, which included 5 years of international marketing experience in the USA.

As the role of Worldwide Marketing Communications Manager, leading a team of skilled professionals, I gained great depths of experience across all areas of marketing. Like you, I have worked within an industry rather than working for a marketing agency. As a result, I have gained hands-on skills in both digital and traditional marketing functions and truly understand the pressures within the business environment.

Conscientious, hard-working and loyal, Barker offers a steady head when things get bust.

Always a solid performer, Barker, unlike the name suggests, is a silent thinker offering pertinent contributions of a deep sigh or sleep yelp.

Juno, nut-job.